Magazines have the unique ability to transport us to different places - to inform us and keep us connected. With the perfect combination of images and copy, magazines can engage almost everyone.

According to the Association of Magazine Media, more than 91% of people read magazines – an all-time high. While circulation of some of the bigger titles have decreased due to shrinking advertising dollars, we have more magazines in print than ever before. In this digital age, people still prefer the tactile and emotional response of reading a printed magazine, with digital content making up less than 6% of sales.

Many of our retail partners have structured their displays and in-line plan programming to reflect these changes, and continue to see sales rise. More and more retailers are merchandising a broader range of titles throughout their stores. Point of purchase positioning is still critical as the product is often impulse oriented, and retailers are happy to take advantage of the basket additions and exponential margins they derive from the category. Retailers directly benefit from the millions of dollars publishers spend on making the covers themselves. The beauty, seasonality, topicality, and ever-changing imagery on the magazines keep stores fresh and vibrant.



Books have the unique ability to transport us to a different time. The written word engages imagination and intellect, fully emerging us in fictional worlds, historical events, and topical situations.

Our insatiable appetite for fiction grows each year, and while digital content is more significant for books than magazines, print copy continues to be the dominant medium. Educators and parents are more active than ever in engaging children in reading, as is promotes language development, literacy, emotional intelligence and critical thinking. Books connect us to one another, so it’s no surprise that so many of us read, and why retailers take advantage by having ever expanding book sections in their stores.

Some of the biggest book releases of all time have been in the last few years. Retailers have profited from massive franchise sensations like Harry Potter, Twilight, Shades of Grey, the re-release of Tolkien’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and the advent of adult colouring books that took Canada by storm.

Books have never been in such high demand and continue to be a vibrant and valuable category for retailers.