As Canada’s largest distributor of magazines and books, our customers and supply partners range from the largest and most respected retailers and publishers to the neighbourhood independent retailer and niche publisher.

We can apply the same experience and expertise to just about any product, but warehousing, order assembly, delivery, and reverse logistics aren’t the whole picture. We also lead retail design and manufacturing – METRO 360 does it all.



METRO 360 is a national DSD & DC distributor with over 350,000 square feet in dynamic warehousing – including cold storage, international shipping, customs brokerage, dry warehousing, and auto replenishment. We handle over 12,000 deliveries per week, from curbside deliveries to 5 tonnes and long haul.

METRO 360 fulfils its Canadian physical distribution requirements by engaging both ProLogix Distribution Services and Acculogix Distribution Services, Canada’s largest and most experienced providers of reading category logistics.

Over 650 logistics professionals employ a highly efficient Just-In-Time logistics system to meet customer needs, large or small. Over 1.6 million JIT orders are filled annually.

ProLogix and Acculogix handle warehousing, order assembly, delivery, collections, and reverse logistics for a wide range of commodities that includes magazines, books, flyers, and packaging material.

With our well-established sales processes and national DSD infrastructure, we handle over 12,000 deliveries every week delivering over 5 million products.


What helps us activate consumer demand? Our people. METRO 360 is proud of the team we’ve built across Canada.

With over 100 years of experience in sales, service, and distribution, we have sales relationships at every level in the Canadian retail landscape.

From our 400 dedicated field sales personnel plus an additional 10,000 through our strategic partnerships, you can rest assured METRO 360 can provide deep market coverage and highly specialized skills and systems. Our highly motivated employee base has created a friendly, service-oriented, strategy-focused culture.

METRO 360 also provides many internal and admin functions for our customers, including billing and invoicing, file management, upc creation and management, EDI relationships, and SBT management.



METRO 360 has many partner companies with common ownership that extend our market coverage, depth of experience, scalable systems, and strategic skill set.