We work with brands who share our operating principals:
strategic focus, efficient execution, and best in-class service.


Mass Media Distribution

Our Mass Media division has several thousand brands within it, including some of the largest and most recognized names in the world. These products are well known in almost every household in Canada because we got them prime positioning, in-line and at check-outs in every class of trade and every retailer in Canada. If you have ever bought a magazine or book at retail, it was because we placed it there – on time, at the right location and in the right quantity.



Partnered Company

We have a significant equity investment in Well Ventures Inc., the parent company of Well Juicery Canada Ltd., Canada’s only national cold press juice company.  

Since launching the product in Canadian retail, we continue to play an integral role in strategy, sales, distribution as well as all administrative functions including billing, HR, finance and customer care.


Partnered Company

We co-founded and co-own HANDFUEL, a nutrition company for people on the go.

To introduce the brand, we spearheaded branding and displays, developed recipes and nutritional specs, built and established manufacturing processes, and launched the product at retail. Today, we warehouse and ship DSD & DC, handle invoicing and AR from retail, and provide payroll and admin support.



The Saver

We handle sales, marketing and distribution to retail in North America for Saver, an emergency breathing system.

The Saver Emergency Breath System is a personal life saving device that allows you to breathe clean air in the event of a fire. Saver filters chemical substances and removes carbon monoxide and toxic gases, giving you five minutes of breathable air – enough to get you and your family safely out of your home during a fire.

Dream Water

We handled the Canadian retail launch of Dream Water, an award-winning non-prescription sleep aid.

We continue to provide product support through warehousing, invoicing, AR from retail and shipping DSD & DC.




We have an exclusive relationship in Canada with Brill, the world’s best push lawnmower.

Along with our marketing partner company Grun, the launch of Brill mowers in Canada took the product from nearly zero recognition to the forefront of the push mower segment.

We provide sales and account management, channel strategy, marketing and advertising, warehousing and distribution, 
e-commerce and AR from retail.