Paradigms? Shift them – better yet, break them. We operate with a burning desire to veer away from the crowd. METRO 360 is the only demand activation company of its kind in Canada. In addition to our expansive logistics network, we have the selling, activation, proprietary billing systems and in-field merchandising to back it up. With the energy and creativity of a start-up, and the experience and capital structure of a sophisticated enterprise, there is no one else like us. We believe that our core service offering set us apart from any other company in Canada.

Daniel P. Shapiro, CEO

Our Employees

Our Core Values – Caring, High Standards, Making a Difference, Respect, Integrity and Empowerment

At Metro 360 our core values are as important as our business. In fact our values are the business and they drive every decision we make, especially employee hiring and retention. We focus heavily on EQ as a benchmark in our hiring practices – We believe that emotional intelligence is one of our competitive advantages and plays a very important part of our hiring objectives and process.

Our core values are aligned around a humanistic theme. Our employees are treated with dignity, respect and kindness. We nurture our employees to be the very best they can be, and as a result, they become attractive to other companies. However largely a result of our culture, we have an industry leading retention record.

At Metro 360, open door access to every decision maker isn’t just a policy, it’s a reality. Special events are celebrated and we provide a host of free products and food items to our employees throughout the year.

We celebrate wins, birthdays, holidays, births and other life-changing events in a big way and we also support each other through tough times. Being on the team at Metro 360 means that you can expect to be valued for your talents, respected as an individual and welcomed as a team member. It also means you can expect to be challenged in your work – upholding our mission to provide best-in-class products and experiences for our customers…

Our Brands

We play an integral role in the success of our brands. 

Our Partners

We have many partner companies with common ownership that extend our market coverage, depth of experience, scalable systems, and strategic skill set.